Cutiemusmusculus as Pets

Mice as pets can be good and entertaining.  These Cutiemusmusculus tiny rodents who move skittishly and with the aid of some good mouse cage can be entertaining especially for the children.  These tiny mammals can be easily reared and tamed with little effort and can gently be handled with your hand.  You can feel their tiny little paws touching your palm or hand and maybe feeding them with your finger without fear or danger.

Looking for a good mouse for pets can be found on some pet shops who know in handling such pets.  Healthy mouse can be determined from their good coat, pinkish ears and tails, does not show discharges on their eyes, nose or mouth and their genitals and anal holes should be dry.

This animal however has a short life span they would live to about 2 years and 3 years the most.  Females however can reproduce between 6 to 8 weeks so if you have a pair of mice it would not take much time to reproduce as many as 100 mice.  The mice are a social type of animal and it is best to have one male with several female inside a cage.  It is not advisable to have several male together inside the cage as this would create tension among them.  You can ask the owner of the pet shop to determine the sexes of the mice that you choose.

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